4 Tips for Maintaining Your Furnace

Is your furnace making suspicious noises? Or has it simply been a long time since you’ve taken a look at it? Here are just four tips for evaluating your furnace and keeping it in tip-top shape.

1. Replace Your Filters

Filters should be replaced on a monthly basis, but if you can’t manage to get down to the basement every 30 days, at least change them once per season. This will prevent the accumulation of dust and debris.

2. Clean Your Vacuums and Blowers

Take a brush to all of the cobwebs in your blowers. Not only will this make your furnace run more efficiently, but it will also ensure that it lasts longer. It won’t have to work double-time to compensate for a dirty blower anymore.

3. Check the Flue

The flue should be clean and unmarked. If you notice any dents or scratches, something might’ve crawled around and ruined it, so you’ll need to replace it as soon as you can. Flues that aren’t in good working order can cause serious ventilation problems.

4. Look for Damage

Rust and corrosion are the two biggest enemies of your furnace. Make it a point of inspecting it regularly so you can catch these issues when they first appear. A little prevention now can save you a lot of heartache tomorrow!

These are just four tips for maintaining your furnace. If you need any new parts to help you make repairs, check out sites like USHeat.com.

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3 Tips for Starting Your Own HVAC Business

Are you tired of answering to a boss who doesn’t know anything about air conditioning? Or maybe you’re just itching to strike out on your own. Whatever your reasons for starting a new HVAC brand, here are three tips for “making it” in a fast-moving industry.

1. Get Certified

Do you live in a state where contractors have to be licensed? Do you need any special certifications or work permits for opening a business in your city? Exercise due diligence when it comes to the law. You don’t want to get shut down before you even begin.

2. Hire Your Staff

You should pick people on every level of the HVAC hierarchy. For example, you’ll need apprentices who can grow their skills at the same time as managers who are perfecting theirs. This is a long-term business model that will serve you for years to come.

3. Consider Menu Pricing

Menu pricing is where you offer your customer several different “levels” of repairs instead of just one flat rate for one predetermined fix. If the customer is on a budget, they can choose the “bronze” level instead of the “gold.” Do some research into menu pricing books and see if they’re right for you.

These are just three steps for starting your own HVAC business. There are many more, of course, but these are the broad strokes of what you’ll need to do. Good luck! The world could always use more HVAC specialists.

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Seven Easy Weekend Projects for Homeowners

Homeowners can have an old house looking like new again with only a few simple projects. We asked experts to come up with seven individual projects that could be completed in only a day or two without any special tools. Investing a couple of Saturdays into one of these can do wonders for many homes.

Top Seven Easy Projects

1) Add some storage to the entry of your home. Traditional entry closets and built-in shelving aren’t options for most people, but some nice refashioned furniture can add much needed storage to an otherwise unused entryway. People often have to drop things off when they first come into their homes, and this kind of furniture is perfect for holding keys or a wallet.

2) Spruce up the backyard with a little extra yard work. Consider laying some flagstone down in an area that’s currently covered with dirt. It’s an excellent way to add an outdoor patio in only a weekend without having to use any mortar.

3) Update the hardware in the kitchen. Homeowners will often find that knobs on cabinets eventually come loose, but most neglect to tighten them. Getting a screwdriver out can fix most of these problems, but even heavily damaged hardware can be replaced without spending too much money.

4) Upgrade your flooring with something simple that doesn’t take too much time. Vinyl flooring comes in long sheets, and it looks much better today than it did in the past. Laying some down shouldn’t take more than a single weekend.

5) Hire a carpet cleaning service to spruce up dingy floor coverings. Green Choice Carpet is a service that provides wall to wall carpet cleaning in Brooklyn, and according to their experts a single carpet cleaning can make old carpets look new again. This can save a great deal of money over installing new ones.

6) Make sure to clean or replace showerheads that have been clogged by mineral deposits. A prominent plumbing expert suggests that showerheads should be checked every six months or so to make sure that they work as well as they did when they were purchased.

7) Get creative with lighting, but don’t rush out and buy new lamps or anything like that. Simply moving some of the lights around in your home can brighten things up considerably, and doing so won’t come with any additional charges.

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Appreciative for an Abundant Supply of Fresh Water

Fresh water is one of the most amazing resources nature provides. Having constant access to fresh water is essential for the environment and also for human health. There are many sites online encouraging visitors to click here to learn more about the importance of fresh water.

On a daily basis, more than 44 billion gallons of fresh, clean water is delivered to homes, businesses, and schools across the United States. This water is delivered by taking advantage of some of the amazing water sources available including lakes, rivers, and underground sources. Before the water is delivered to a home or to a business, it must be purified and must pass through a quality control system like the ones designed by McNab for example.

There are many ways to filter water and to judge its purity. One of the most common ways is to measure the water’s conductivity. A conductivity meter measures the conductance values of the water. Pure water has lower conductivity levels because it does not have metals and other contaminants in it. A water quality monitoring system will also look for chemicals in the water. These systems are designed to detect and minimize chemical impurities. If water impurity levels rise past acceptable limits, notification is given with a combination of light and sound warnings.

Clean water is so easily accessible in Western society that at times people take this valuable resource for granted. Thankfully, much work is being done to find inventive ways of purifying water and guaranteeing that clean water is available for the entire world.

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