Design Your Own Deck

A good quality wooden deck can transform a humble garden into a wonderful outdoor living space. Whether you have a tiny urban garden or a large backyard, a custom deck builder can help you design a deck that uses whatever space you have to its best advantage.

An Attractive Upgrade

Decking is one of the most useful upgrades you can add to your home. It can be used for relaxing, entertaining, and as a place for children to safely play. It can be designed to have split levels that look attractive create different areas. This works well if your garden has uneven terrain.

The Benefits of Wooden Decking

Treated wood is very durable and long lasting. If it is properly maintained, it will keep its attractive appearance for years. It is comfortable for walking and sitting and is in harmony with nature. Wood has a warm ambience and can be easily modified or extended. It requires the minimum excavation and groundwork preparation. Wood is an environmentally-friendly material when it is FSC certified, and the byproducts from timber processing are also useful.

Keeping a Wooden Deck in Good Condition

Power washing alone is not the best way to maintain a wooden deck. There are companies that professionally clean outdoor surfaces including wood with a three-step process. These companies clean, restore, and protect wooden decks in a completely environmentally-friendly way. The wood is protected from UV rays to prevent fading and can be polished every year. Other than that, your deck will age naturally to beautiful effect.

A Wide Variety of Outdoor Living Spaces

Having an outdoor living space not only enhances the value of your home it also enhances your lifestyle. You can select a simple screened porch or a dramatic pool and spa deck. You may think your backyard is not big or beautiful enough for an outdoor kitchen. With custom designers who know how to work with any space to create the living area of choice, you can have a multi-level deck or a covered kitchen and dining area, even in your small yard. Before deciding on the type of outdoor space you want, consider the following:

• How will you use the deck?
• Will the style conform to your home or be different?
• What material do you want to use?
• Will your contractor customize your deck?
• Is your contractor properly insured and will they secure the proper permits?
• Are the builders professionals? Will they clean up when they are finished?

When you start with good planning, you’ll end up with an outdoor living space that will be useful and beautiful for years.

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Mold Remediation: Should I Do It Myself Or Not?

If you are noticing strange changes in the air quality of your home or business, you may have a mold problem.

While mold spores are always present in the air, elevated levels can be severely damaging to the respiratory system. Recent studies have shown that inhaling above-normal levels of mold spores on a regular basis can have serious health effects.This sobering data is especially true for the young and for senior citizens.

The following list explains when you should get your building checked for mold:

When there is visible mold growth

When you have unexplained sickness

When you have had recent water damage

When you notice an odd smell in the air

Certain types and levels of mold are non-toxic. You can treat these types of mold yourself and will not require the aid of a mold remediation service. Follow the steps below to keep yourself protected during the removal process.

Wear protective equipment. This gear generally includes a respirator, goggles, gloves and a full-body protective suit.

Seal off the room to contain the spores. If the spores are able to migrate, other parts of the home could become contaminated.

Create negative pressure. Have a fan blowing out of a window so that any airborne spores end up outside.

However, many types of mold are extremely toxic and should only be handled by experienced professionals. To be on the safe side, always have a professional handle your mold problem. But always remember–not all professionals are alike. Click now to find an experienced company to help you with your mold problem.

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The Features of High Quality Boat Lifts

A boat lift is an important part of keeping your boat in good repair by keeping it out of the water and off the ground when not in use. A boat lift consists primarily of support beams, gears, pulleys and cables that keep the boat suspended and raise or lower it to the needed heights. It is generally used to raise the boat into or out of the water or for loading the boat onto a trailer for transport. A motor will operate the lift, so there is no strain on the operator or need to turn cranks or other hand-operated devices.
A company may also offer custom beams that can be fitted to any size boat in addition to the standard dimensions that work for most boats.

The boat lift will commonly be contained inside a boat house where the boat can also be covered and protected from the weather. A well-designed lift is made so that its components will be essentially invisible when contained in a boathouse.

A common problem with boathouse storage is dealing with infestations or rodents, birds or insects. These creatures love to make their nests in boat houses or even in the boat itself, leaving a telltale mess behind. A well designed boat lift will include features that deter such infestation and prevent easy access to the beams and rafters. This results in a boathouse and boat that is kept from of nasty surprises even during prolonged periods of storage.

Aluminum is used as the material of choice because it is both relatively lightweight and durable. Since aluminum does not rust or rot in moist conditions, it is preferable to steel or wood. This gives the lift a long lifespan with little need for maintenance. Being very lightweight, most aluminum boat lifts can be set up by hand with basic tools and little to no trouble or professional assistance.

One example of aluminum boat lifts that meets these high-quality requirements are those made by Lunmar Boat Lifts. Click here to view an example of their products. It is important to be sure that the chosen boat lift will be sturdy enough to handle the weight of the boat and will not be compromised by damage or wear due to moisture. By choosing a high-quality boat lift, boat owners can enjoy the hassle free use and transport of their boats.

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Wall Sconces: Terrific Accent Lighting, and Practical Too

Sometimes a room just needs a little more light. If you’re looking for attractive accent lighting, well placed wall sconces may be just what your room needs.

Sconces can be placed for dramatic or comforting lighting affect in a room. They can be used to highlight a wall color, show off a ceiling or wall feature or call attention to a favorite nook or piece of art. Sometimes they also provide fascinating shadows that can lend a room a touch of drama.

Beyond accent lighting, however, sconces can also provide practical lighting help. When they’re angled well, they can provide just the right amount of illumination by a cozy chair, creating a corner that beckons you to read, rest or sew. When they’re placed strategically, they can provide enough reading light in a bedroom that you might not need to have traditional bedside lamps.

Contemporary sconces can be so artistically designed that they add an elegant or whimsical touch to their decor by their look as well as by their placement. You can find them in all sorts of interesting forms, from traditional shaded sconces to beautiful shaped crystal. Some modern sconces have a slender, sleek design or interesting functions, such as versatile swing arms.

Whatever kind of sconces you end up choosing, their placement can help shed some needed light on your living space.

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